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Discover Covid19

Dear Guests,

Welcome to Seher Hotels.

A pandemic has been announced on March 11, 2020 by the World Health Organization due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19). The measures taken across the globe have been tightened as of the said date.

The circular letters and recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) are being observed and complied with verbatim at all of the hotels within the organization of our Group.


•    Your room has been cleaned by making use of the products with disinfecting features, and your room has been delivered to you as the "first occupant" following the performance of such processes.
•    The products such as the soaps, shampoo, shower gel/cream available in your room are disposable and will not be used by any individual other than you.
•    The daily cleaning of your room shall be performed by our staff by making use of masks and single-use gloves.
•    If you do not want us to enter your room for the daily room cleaning or mini-bar supplies, please advise the reception desk that you do not want such service.

•    Cleaning of all areas is being performed within appropriate intervals by making use of the disinfecting materials conforming to the standards, depending on the nature of the surface.
•    All common use areas, including the restaurants, meeting hall, lobby, reception lounge, entertainment and animation area, bars and sales units, the sun beds around the pool and on shore have been arranged in accordance with the social distancing plan, and the necessary measures for social distancing have been taken, and the necessary markings have been made. No guests in excess of the capacity as required by the plan shall be admitted to such areas.
•    Hand disinfectants or antiseptics at sufficient quantity are being made available at all common use areas.
•    For the purpose of ensuring safe utilization, a reservation system is being applied for our fitness center, and the number of the individuals to utilize such center simultaneously, and also the period of such utilization are being arranged in accordance with the social distancing plan. Following each utilization, such areas of use and the equipment therein are being cleaned by us by making use of the hygiene materials conforming to the standards.
•    Beach - pool towels are being made available to you inside sealed plastic bags by our staff in charge.
•    The distance between each of the tables has been arranged to be 1.5 meters at our units where food and beverage service is offered.

•    All of our staff members have received special training about the pandemic and hygiene.
•    While serving for you, our staff member shall make use of the protective equipment such as masks, gloves or face shields, depending on the location and type of such service.
•    Just as it is done for the common use areas, the hygiene standards and practices are being implemented in the same manner and meticulously at all of our staff areas.
•    Hygiene barriers sterilizers and the devices and equipment necessary for hand and body hygiene are being made available at the food production and kitchen areas within our enterprise.
•    Cleaning and hygiene of the areas associated with the kitchen, and also of any and all kinds of equipment used at the kitchen, as well as the counter tops and storage areas are being ensured on regular basis.

•    You may get on the elevators together with the individuals you stay in the same room. If there is another guest, who is not staying with you, in the elevator, then please wait for the next elevator. You can make use of the stairs instead of the elevators for the close floors.
•    Please pay utmost care to keep the social distance while moving within the facility. Please observe and follow the signs placed by the hotel management.
•    Please maintain the distance of 1.5 meter left between the tables.
•    Please do not alter the distance between the sun beds.
•    If you recognize any Covid-19 symptom at yourself or at our other guests you know, then please inform the reception desk immediately; the reception desk will enable you to contact by getting in touch with our Environmental and Social Service Agent and the health-care organizations for you.
•    You may obtain the protective materials such as disinfectants, masks and gloves free of charge at any time from the reception desk, housekeeping and room service for the purpose of making use of such materials if and when so required as part of the Covid-19 measures. 
•    In addition to transmission through droplets when interacting with others, and touching, Covid-19 virus can be transmitted by contacting with nose, mouth, eye, etc., and it can remain air-borne and live on the contacted surface for a certain period. Therefore, you need to wash your hand frequently with plenty of water and soap. We have placed hand disinfectant devices at the locations, where our service units are available, for your use if and when you are at a distance to the washrooms.
•    We hereby would like to remind you that various activities such as running, doing exercises, cycling and swimming require various social distancing and various measures even if the measures such as making use of disinfectants and masks are taken.
•    You also need to take all measures while you are in the hotel and at the service and such other business units within the hotel (such as spa, hair dresser, jewelry shop, general store, etc.) and also at the events you would participate outside the hotel as well as the events such as transport, dining, sightseeing, tours, flights, photo shooting, concerts, boats, sports etc., and also to advise the respective hotel about the participation in such events definitely beforehand. You need to advise the hotel management immediately of such case if and when you recognize any sign or symptom related to Covid-19 or any such other pandemic following any such event. In any such case, the reception desk will enable you to contact by getting in touch with our Environmental and Social Service Agent and the health-care organizations for you.
•    We hereby once more remind you that you might be subject to statutory/legal obligations if and when you would conceal any finding, information or symptom related to any infectious disease, including the Covid-19, or you would fail to notify the hotel management or to comply with the measures.

Thank you for having read this guidebook attentively, and for the measures you will comply with for the purpose of protecting the health of our other guests and staff members, in particular your own.